A taste of architecture!
A solid foundation.

KÉK introduces: C10 India Pale Ale

What would be a better starter for the night, than the first ever architect beer? Celebrating the 10th anniversary of KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, we would like to offer this unique surprise to our audience, our patrons and last but not least our founders. Since KÉK is not a usual organisation, we choose an equally unusual way of celebration. KÉK is an open cultural centre operated by young Hungarian architects, artists and civilians. We think architecture is a public issue and we work to make it accessible to everyone.

In the last 10 years we organised around 500 events attracting over 250 000 visitors, engaging hundreds of volunteers. The Guardian lists our Budapest100 Festival among the best cultural events of Europe. We have launched the first community gardens in Budapest. Through our exhibitions, conferences, architecture tours and festivals we offer everyone the opportunity for discussions on architecture and the city.

We thought it is time for a toast. To make it a special one we got help from Miklós Kiss, our graphic designer friend and from Hübris and Élesztő Beer Workshop, the daredevils of Hungarian handcrafted beer manufacturing. Thus the first ever architect beer was born. C10 is an American-style IPA. Its golden colour is a sign of speciality. The fruity aroma of five different hops accompanies the bewilderingly dry sense of tasting, concluded by their sourness. Tough like concrete – light at the same time. A solid foundation you can build on.

Give it a try and don’t forget: by buying C10 you support KÉK. Let’s have a toast to the next 10 years!

Where can I get my architecture beer?
At KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre
(Bartók Béla St. 10-12., Budapest-1111, Hungary)
in opening hours, from 9:00 to 18:00, weekdays.
Large volume orders can be shipped in Europe.

C10 for KÉK! How much does it cost?
Bottle – 5
Design pack with 4 bottles and concrete beer mat – 30
Négyes söralátét pakk – 16
Hatos söralátét pakk – 23
Become a KÉK Member and we give you 100 bottles as a gift – link

Contact: info@kek.org.hu | kek.org.hu | +36 30 9531617

Professional partners: Élesztő Beer Workshop | Hübris

Design: kissmiklos

Photo: Bálint Jaksa

Website: Balázs Édes

Concrete beer mat: VPI Concrete

Produced by: Guri sörfőzde (Sörker-T Ltd. | Lóczi St. 3., Jászapáti-5130)

Ingredients: water, malt, hops, yeast
Alc.: 6 %     330 ml

The beer would not have been possible without:
Sándor Finta, Daniella Huszár, Noémi Soltész

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